Cedicom employs approximately 200 workers operating in our various sites. Our company has a structured and complex distribution network that reaches most of the regions of Libreville and Gabon. Thereby, we give our customers the choice of having their orders delivered for free on-site or to the nearest site.

In order to build a long-term relationship with our clients, we use incentive tools, such as indirect marketing or “staggered” payment methods. Moreover, our diversified product range is adapted to the needs of the consumers.

The implementation of these policies requires strong management skills that are reflected in a rigorous organization and close monitoring from CEDICOM. Thus we stock our products separately in various warehouses with a very strict standard of hygiene.

Our achievements

Cedicom progressively acquired the representation of several international brands and has been designated exclusive distributor in Gabon of international groups such as “Procter & Gamble”, “Foster Clarks” or “Friesland Foods”. By evaluating and targeting consumers’ needs, our products have become leaders and quickly gained significant market shares.

As an example, the milk market has been dominated by CEDICOM with “Bonnet Rouge” and “Bonnet Bleu” brands after only 7 years of introduction. The success has been even greater since our direct competitor is a well established and recognized brand.

These achievements clearly demonstrate our ambition to constantly offer our consumers the best. Our professional behavior combined with a regular assessment of market needs can only lead to fruitful collaboration with our international partners.